Wednesday, November 26, 2008


how can i express my love for the circus even more?
not those cheesy ones (i won't name names).
i'm talking cirque du soleil! i'm talking lucent dossier!
performance! costumes! make-up! music! mystique!

here's some inspiration from fashion156 (a few issues back).

typical clowns scare me. you know, the candy-striped cheap cotton foam nose... whiskey breath.

creative clowns inspire me. feathered lashes. sequined bodices. tailored velvet jackets...cotton candy hair.

this chair...

makes me want to sit in it sipping my chai, with a book by francesca lia block so i can reminisce about my early teens.

her writing was always so magical to me, and now this chair has me going head over heels.
450 euros and up

it is.

photo courtesy of parra.


it's always interesting to see others obsess about color. color is everything, but then again, color is nothing...depending on the context. when i look back at pictures from my youth, i notice that i never obsessed about wearing just pink. it didn't make me feel more girly. hell, if anything i played with dolls during breaks while playing football and kickball.

JeongMee Yoon is a photographer based in Seoul, South Korea. She has this photo series where she documents children and their pink or blue collections. it's astounding to see that there are a lot of kids who stick to one color. i'm interested in the psychology of it and the ways that femininity and masculinity are pushed towards children in our society. boys wear blue. girls wear pink. while yellow and green are generally regarded as "safe" colors when shopping for baby and toddler clothing, it seems yellow leans more towards femininity and green for the boys.

that's the way it goes it seems. let's get soem avant-garde baby clothing. some onesies with flair.

visit her website for more ( trust me, there are many more.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

republican IM

so it's currently 6:49am here in Ljubljana. I'm up doing my run around the web on random blogs and what have you. Holy Taco ( is about to make me get my mom put of of the apt building for laughing so loud.


my last obama post...hopefully for today.



courtesy of Kilos&Grams.

grown men do grown things.

damn, the armenians buck on everybody!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Brussels---I Dig!

so brussels was awesome. i mainly played the tourist card, except i didn't go on one of those cheesy bus or bike tours. i'd rather huff it anyday and see what i see. along my travels on foot, i spotted some crazy shit, amazing cathedrals (you've seen one, you've seen 'em all right?), and ate some yummy frites with mayo and ketchup. naturally i'd venture off to have my belgian waffle and beer as well. the crazy shit i DID see and for once in my life was afraid to catch it on camera was some random goth kids with enough spikes to make Goodyear cringe, scare off these japanese tourists. i knew they were from japan from the "i heart japan" tee. luckily i knew my french so i knew to get the hell on before my black ass was another victim in their path.

found a record store than almost had me crying. i came across this limited press prince "sign o the times" press....45 euros!! what's that like $70?! i love prince to high heavens but i'm on a sincere budget. *wipes tear*

went to this street fashion photo show @ this fly gallery.

so here's some pics. all the pics from my voyage in brussels, etc will be added to my flickr when i get home. i dont have the patience now to hook it all up. it's like 12:17am here, officially nov 10 and i have to get registered with the police station in the morning. go figure. oh yea, if i didn't say it already, i'm in ljubljana now with my mom. she's been cooking like it's already thanksgiving. more on ljubljana later.

Monday, November 3, 2008

passport: check.

so this blog will be the destination for my guys and gals to check out the craziness of my travels for the next month and beyond.

if you don't know, my mom lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia so i'm going to go visit her and get some of that home-cookin' in my system. FOR A MONTH!

i'll be making stops in brussels, ljubljana, paris, italy, and croatia (maybe zagreb)...and hopefully antwerp b/c i just gotta get there and get some exclusive clothes. and a belgian boy. yum.

i'm uber excited and everybody knows how much i adore travelling. the only part i hate is lugging bags, which i tend to overload... and i hate that i'm not on baller status yet to where i can fly FIRST CLASS. a girl is still stuck in coach, for now, but soon come. soon come.

so i'll be updating with plenty of photos and videos of the action.

come back friday for updates. i leave wednesday. bisou bisou.